Outdoor Ice-skating in Stockton

Without any age limitations ice-skating attracts everyone. As a fun game or a serious sport, we admire the idea of softly flying on the ice which is way cooler than anything else!

Who wouldn’t like Ice-skating?

During winter Stockton Ice skating rinks are found to be completely overflowing. People are so much interested in having frozen fun with their family and friends. Now that we don’t have to wait until the winter comes each person has started visiting ice-skating rinks whenever they want. That is why Stockton accommodates many arenas for ice-skating lovers. This beautiful sport has many fans and recognition on itself so that is not inferior to any other hard sports.

Ice skating is the most famous and fun winter sports which is loved by everyone from kids to adults. This clever innovation is the oldest winter game and the most interesting fact about this sport is, this was not originated as a game, yes…people have been using this for transportation purpose. During earlier period the skates were used to made of animal bones. They were chugging along on skates constructed from cow and horse bones. They pierced a hole through the bones and it worked smoothly on the platforms. The metal blades we use now didn’t arrive until the 13thcentury. The Finland residents used to strap animal bones to their feet and glide across the frozen lakes. Then the wooden poles have been used instead of animal bones.

Cheering and healthy sport:

Ice dancing is a modern figure skating originated in 1862 and has become concrete in 1880s. It all started with Vienna Skating Club began to mimic Waltz on ice during celebration gatherings. It wasn’t recognized in the winter games until 1796.  It is a fun form of intense cardiovascular exercise while improves balance and builds muscles in legs and core. This sport is exercise with fun. Stockton people use ice-skating rinks as winter fitness routine and trip to rink with family. Other than athletes many have been approaching the skating fields for this is an increasingly popular way to work out in the winter. Outdoor rinks in the cities keeps us active and engaged, more than other winter sports. People’s interest in ice-skating sport brought a standard to it in the world stage.

Stockton, CA – Ice-skating arena’s;

  • Oak Park ice skating arena
  • Modesto on ice
  • The rinks
  • Walnut creek on ice
  • Big chill
  • Dublin Iceland skating
  • Field of ice
  • Lake Elizabeth
  • Solar 4 America at Fremont
  • Downtown Sacramento Ice rink
stockton outdoor ice skating

 Benefits of Ice-skating;

  • Ice-skating is a good way to burn calories with fun. It burns from 300-600 calories per hour and keeps you active and fit.
  • During winter we all would be lazy and would not ready to spend some time for our physical health. But with ice-skating we can have fun at the same time balance our exercise schedule perfectly even in winter.
  • Apart from physical health we also get the mental health balance through ice-skating. It makes us feel relaxed and fresh.
  • The company of family and friends greatly help in unwinding from a long week of work and stress.

To get a best experience of ice-skating, we need not spend much money or travel miles to get a good old-fashioned rink. There are lots of best and beautifully maintained nearby ice-skating rinks are available in Stockton, CA. When you are mentally depressed and feel like living a boring life, you must visit these ice-skating fields and try it out, it release all the stress hormones and makes as happy as you can.

Stockton Figure Skating Club

Stockton’s figure skating club was formed by the local skaters to encourage the best skaters of that area, and also to find the new talents. This club was created in august of 1975 and this is the best in the whole San Joaquin and San Francisco bay area. It has had many national, Olympians and regional competitors.   This Oak park ice rink is the only public ice-skating rinks in California.

Ice-skating Rinks

Ice-skating rinks uses -5-degree chiller to keep the field frozen and the big refrigerator runs 24 hours a day that keeps the rinks frozen. Outdoor ice-skating rinks needs to drop to 18-to-23-degree Fahrenheit. It will at least 3 days for an outdoor ice rink to freeze enough to skate.

Stockton outdoor ice-skating

The oak park ice-rinks in Stockton offers a public ice-skating sessions and skating school classes for the people. People seemed to like ice-skating a lot. So, they even do lot of birthday parties, fun skating sessions, hockey and figure skating in oak park ice rink. lot of practice conferences are being held to train the athletes. They provide classes for any beginners who wants to learn skating hockey and figure skating. Winter Wonderland Ice-skating arena in Stockton has conducted a three days of public skating as fun session and many as families participated and enjoyed it. People builds tiny outdoor ice-skating rink in the yards also, and this seems to be pretty easy for the kids to play around the house and have extreme fun at the same time.

There are lot of ice rinks in and around Stockton is cooler than we think. Youngsters and kids show much interest in ice-skating which can turn to be their passion and what they are good at. Ice- skating one of the oldest winter game is an attractive and healthy sport that nobody can say they don’t like it. This was originated in Finland and now the whole world appreciates this game and take this as their profession. This is the most loved game that everyone would enjoy play.

The floor is cold but our heart gets the warmth!