Using leading edge engineering, manufacturing, and LED technologies
to create the most cost-effective solid state lighting fixtures possible.

Custom Lighting Solutions

custom lighting

From concept to engineered approved specifications, from ISO Certified fabrication through UL approval; we are prepared to be your custom lighting provider. We understand that designing a custom fixture is more than just fabricating a unique item. True custom work is creating a unique solution to match your specific business challenge. It requires an understanding of both the lighting requirements and environment that the fixture is being placed. It is converting this understanding into a feasible and cost-effective lighting fixture.

Custom is More Than Configuration

When you need a custom solution to meet a specific lighting or branding requirement, being limited to catalog only products is not enough. Selecting from types, sizes, light sources and finishes from a a catalog is not creating a custom fixture. A custom solution starts with a concept, the architect and the lighting designer, and then lighting representative, contractor are often part of the process in order to develop a unique and cost-effective solution. We believe there is no limitation to your imagination. Our goal is to help you leverage the latest lighting technologies matched with our almost limitless fabrication capabilities. Let us show you the difference!

By working with Millerbernd Lighting, our custom solution will meet both your lighting and business goals.

A Tradition of Excellence


Providing Innovative Custom Lighting Solutions for 80 Years.

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We design and build all of our fixtures right here in the United States.

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