Using leading edge engineering, manufacturing, and LED technologies
to create the most cost-effective solid state lighting fixtures possible.

Green Lighting Solutions


Millerbernd Lighting is a pioneer provider in the development and implementation of energy-saving and low maintenance lighting systems for outdoor, commercial, and government regulated applications. We focus on designing and producing the "highest quality environment sensitive lighting products possible."

At Millerbernd Lighting, we are concerned about the environmental future of our planet. For that reason, we implement energy efficient technologies that have a positive impact on the environment and preserve natural resources. We also strive to partner and purchase our components from companies with the same commitment to our environment.

In this economy, companies, municipalities and organizations will need to demand more from every product that they buy in the reduction of energy and maintenance. For commercial lighting products, that means superior quality from a company that can stand behind the product long-term. We have been in business for almost 80 years and for example provide a 20-year guarantee on most of our housings.

Millerbernd Lighting is committed to supplying lighting products that excel in this dynamic global environment.

A Tradition of Excellence


Providing Innovative Custom Lighting Solutions for 80 Years.

Made in America

More than Quality - A Statement of Value


We design and build all of our fixtures right here in the United States.

Committed to Quality

ISO Compliant

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