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“Turtle-Friendly” Coastal Lighting: Bollards and Sconces


Engineering and Building Lighting Fixtures That Help Protect Our Environment

Millerbernd Lighting creates solutions that can help enhance and protect our environment. "Turtle Friendly" lighting is one of those custom solutions.

Sea Turtles have been nesting on our ocean beaches for millions of years. In the past, hatchlings were drawn toward the moonlight and stars directed off the surface of the ocean water. Now the light emitted by developments directly beyond the beach is often much stronger and hatchings instinctively crawl towards it. This results in literally thousands of dehydrated and dying hatchlings. They simply cannot find the sea to return to it.

To protect these turtles, Government bodies like the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, review all construction projects along its Coastline. Their goal is to ensure that specific lighting is used to minimize or eliminate the impact these lights might have on emerging Sea Turtle populations.

Millerbernd Lighting has answered the call for this special environmental need. By installing amber LEDs in their existing bollard and sconce designs and upgrading the housings to 316 stainless steel for exceptional corrosion resistance in coastal areas, Millerbernd now has a line of cost-effective "Turtle-Friendly" stainless fixtures. These fixtures not only meet Florida's Regulatory requirements but can truly enhance the areas where they are installed while protecting our environment and hopefully saving many turtles lives.

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